Bending and stamping

Bending and stampingSaxonia-Franke AG takes on the high demands of its customers

At Saxonia-Franke AG, bending and stamping are both forming processes. The metal and sheet processes are performed on presses with varying pressing forces and tools especially created for each application. For example, two different parts can be joined together by caulking. The benefits are particularly evident in

  • precision
  • the profitability of production
  • tailor-made solutions

Presses with variable pressure output

Using presses with variable pressure output, we stamp, punch, bend and form parts of various material thicknesses. The forming work is performed with individually inserted workpieces or handling devices. To guarantee perfect results, we carefully monitor the quality and our machinery.

We offer small and large-scale production

For this purpose we have coordinated our bending and stamping tools precisely to the machinery, so that we are able to react flexibly to even short-term customer requests. The bending and stamping thereby ensures the quick and goal-orientated completion of small and large-scale production.