We work with modern machines to acheive optimum results.

The machining of punched parts is done on CNC machines. The removable plate system integrated into the CNC machines allows the fast and good-value processing of series parts.

  • Due to multiple or simultaneous processing, profitability is increased during metal cutting.
  • Furthermore, optimum precision is possible as well as economical series production due to a high degree of dynamism

Programming via CAM

Due to multiple or simultaneous processing, profitability can be increased during machining. Programming is done at the CAM workplace. The cutting of threads, as well as the drilling and milling, all done in line with the specifications, are perfectly coordinated to each other.

We also offer series production

We produce individual components, as well as small, medium-sized and large series, in accordance with customer wishes. Depending on the customer's demands the individual working stages can be consolidated to allow them to be more efficient. Drilling and countersinking >