Further processing

Further processing ensures that the processed components meet the customer specifications. This final touch completes the production process. Which production process is used, depends on the prior remodelling as well as the later use.

Processing areas
  • Bending and punching
    Bending and punching

    We use high-quality insertion presses for bending and punching processes.

  • Disc grinding
    Disc grinding

    Disc grinding machines process the parts' flat surfaces on both sides in a dimensionally accurate way, in a single working step.

  • Vibratory grinding
    Vibratory grinding

    Vibratory technology requires a lot of experience. Parts are precisely deburred on our equipment.

  • Belt grinding
    Belt grinding

    Belt grinding and brush deburring are a vital processes in the production of sensitive parts.

  • Milling

    On our CNC milling machine, we process punched parts using the latest cutting tools.

  • Drilling and countersinking
    Drilling and countersinking

    Depending on the requirements, several threads and countersinkings can be applied at one station.

  • Delivery

    Our well-drilled logistics team ensures that your products are delivered quickly every day.

  • Reference parts
    Reference parts

    Please see our reference objects in various areas of production and further processing.

Processing punched and moulded parts

Punched parts and moulded parts are coordinated to the corresponding customer requirements during vibratory, band, brush or disc grinding. Other possible processes include bending and stamping work, thread cutting and thread moulding, mechanical processing, grinding etc. The customer specifications for surface and thermal treatment are guaranteed by our qualified suppliers.

We provide reliable quality

Due to the diverse possible methods of processing punched parts such as vibratory grinding, band grinding, disc grinding, drilling, counter-sinking, thread moulding, mechanical processing, bending, surface treatment, thermal treatment and optical 100% checks we ensure that our customers receive reliable quality which guarantees high functionality.