Vibratory grinding

Vibratory grinding for industryShort-term practical solutions are also possible.

The vibratory grinding technique offers a profitable processing process for deburring and the surface treatment of parts. The quick and economical processing of the parts is ensured on centrifugal equipment and rotary vibrators using abrasive wheels and a mix of parts.

  • The selection of the abrasive wheel depends on the size and condition of the workpiece to be processed.
  • Vibratory grinding helps achieve first-class results, which do not require reworking.

Surface treatment

Using vibratory grinding we ensure that the surfaces of metal parts are treated in a cutting process. The workpieces are put into a container with small abrasive wheels as well as an additive with a solution. This container rotates or oscillates and provides friction.

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The workpieces to be processed are placed into a container together with an abrasive wheel. Due to its rotating movement, the working container generates a relative movement between the workpiece and the abrasive wheel, which leads to material removal on the workpiece, especially on the edges.