Laser welding

Laser welding machineLaser welding: We provide high-precision results.

Laser welding allows us to provide high-precision results, which can be repeated in series production.

  • Strong concentration of the laser beam – high-precision
  • The heat generated is extremely low
  • High speed guaranteed

The importance of laser welding in sheet processing is growing. In machine and equipment construction this non-contact procedure is used more and more often, as it allows deeper and slimmer geometries.

We offer diverse options ...

Even in difficult to reach areas, precision work is possible with the right welding appearance. Innovations in laser welding provide diverse options in the production of sheet metal and metal parts. With CNC technology, perfect connections are created by module assembly, without the components having problems due to oxidation or warpage.

... and high stability

The non-abrasive technology guarantees high stability. Typical applications of laser welding are small-scale, medium-scale and large-scale series production and other production or connection processes, which require a flexible and commercial solution.