Module assembly

Module assemblyWe offer the assembly of individual parts as well as complete modules.

Module assembly ranges from the production of small components to complex units of varying quantities. We offer everything from hand assembly to process-monitored, automatic assembly for the automobile and construction industry. This allows us to combine parts we have produced with parts provided by the customer.

  • The use of semi-automatic machines
  • Used primarily for the automobile and construction industry
  • To meet the quality demands at any time, we run continual checks which are directly integrated into the manufacturing processes


Wobbling and riveting

Wobbling Module assembly

Major connection processes, alongside module assembly, are wobbling and riveting. We offer small- and medium-scale series as well as a high capacity regarding parts dimensions and production volume.

Laser welding

Laser welding modules assembly

We use laser welding primarily to weld components which have to be joined with high speed, small welded seams and low thermal warping. The process is usually performed without any filler material.