WobblingWobbling: With this technology we can offer dimensional accuracy.

Saxonia-Franke AG uses wobbling technology for materials where a form fit is to be achieved. Wobble pressing is a mass forming process, where components are formed in one or several processes. Normally the raw material is compressed in cold forming or distorted by impact extrusion.

  • The forming force only affects a certain surface of the component, which is fixed in a forging die
  • The wobbling tool which is clamped onto the rotational axis diagonally, ensures the cold forming due to its wobbling rotation
  • This makes cold forming possible without large strains

Low strain on workpieces

Excellent surface quality

The wobbling or radial riviting allows large and complex press moulding. This process can also give ridges or teeth their final shape. The wobbling press therefore offers many more options than simple compressing, pressing or deep drawing.

While in extrusion, for example, the forming force is applied equally across the whole surface of the workpiece, with wobble pressing force is only exerted on part of the surface. The forging die stress is lower. Other benefits include: reduced vibrations and lower noise level.