Fine blanking and normal die cutting

Fine blanking SwitzerlandWe produce high-precision parts on normal die cutting and fine blanking machinery.

We perform die cutting using modern presses, which work with press forces of between 1,000 KN and 8,000 kN. This equipment allows the processing of

  • steel and stainless steel
  • aluminium
  • special alloys

with a thickness of between 1mm and 16mm. To produce these high-precision components precisely according to the specified data, we rely on experienced employees and tried and tested concepts.

Our innovative machinery

When selecting suitable materials and with our innovative machinery, we do everything we can to meet your expectations for fine blanking and normal die cutting. Even complex parts can be die cut. It is possible to also have fine blanking, die cutting and forming commercially optimised. This saves process steps and improves precision.

Practical implementation close to production

Know-how from product development and pilot production is considered in the construction of the tool. This allows weak points to be recognised early and ensures an optimum process flow. Irregularities in production are analysed immediately and removed, to realise the zero-error strategy. This also applies to plastic injection moulding.