Plastic injection moulding

Plastic injection mouldingWe produce high-quality plastic injection-moulded parts.

We produce high-quality, technical plastic injection-moulded parts for diverse sectors of industry, including the automobile and electronics industries.

Here we achieve superior quality for plastic injection moulding: our powerful injection-moulding machines have a clamping force range of 600 KN to 1600 KN.

The centralised provision of materials ensures each material is suitably prepared and is supplied to the processing machinery.

Hybrid technology

Insert moulding of insertion parts is an established technology. However, the trend is towards more and more complex components, together with increasing requirements. Plastic-metal hybrid parts offer clear cost and weight advantages compared to equally strong, pure metal constructions.

The production of hybrid parts generates new solutions and product ideas. From us you receive complete system solutions for plastic injection moulding from one source.

Insert moulding of punched parts

The insert moulding of punched parts with plastic represents a very high demand on parts precision. Thanks to our decades of experience in fine blanking and plastic injection moulding, we guarantee

  • high-precision production
  • error-free series production
  • no expensive post-processing