Products and services

The Saxonia-Franke headquarters with offices and production halls in Aadorf.

Our services cover the development of products, construction and tool construction. Within this scope we plan complete solutions for our clients, which are closely orientated to customer-specific requirements.

For components with complex geometry, we clarify alternatives with the customers before starting development. This allows us to precisely coordinate the construction of the tools with the production, which has a positive effect on the smooth flow of series production.


Saxonia Franke AG develops complete solutions for series production for you. Our developers take care of

  • the coordination of individual projects
  • feasability studies
  • the planning of production processes

Production equipment

Process planning is an important prerequisite to ensure orders can be completed on time. The production equipment is designed and produced in line with customer requirements. This allows us to fulfil even extremely high demands without a problem and to complete even very time-consuming or complicated projects.