Tool making

Tool making SwitzerlandSaxonia-Franke AG meets the high demands of its customers.

Tool making at Saxonia-Franke AG is set-up so that it can be included in the development as early as possible. This allows us to take production-relevant data into account, which has a positive effect on both the quality and cost.

We take on the special demands of our customers and ensure high-precision production, as we know how important this is for the quality of parts and therefore for the functioning. The success of this is evident in the optimum production of the tools, which are coordinated to working stages such as die-cutting, fine-blanking etc.

Production options

From soft machining to the eroding process, we produce tools completely on site. The latest CAD/CAM systems and CNS machines guarantee efficient production. The infrastructure is fully designed for the production of complex and high-precision tools.

The regular training of our specialists guarantees that we are always up-to-date with the latest technology. Where necessary our tool making can also produce short-term prototypes or individual test or pilot production tools.

Tool maintenance

Thanks to its long experience, our team is able to decide which maintenance work is required on the respective tool. Where necessary built-in parts are replaced in close cooperation with our tool construction department. After proper maintenance every tool is stored in a ready-for-production condition. Careful handling and maintenance ensure

  • a long life span
  • equal quality
  • commercial series production