Optical checks

We put value on quality - and verify it with the latest equipment.

Saxonia-Franke AG places high demands on checking and monitoring the production quality. To meet these demands, for example, the production of the parts is checked by optical test equipment.

  • Form deviations by comparing the target and actual condition using reference samples
  • Deviations in material thickness
  • Feathering
  • Lack of threads
  • Surface errors

Real-time evalution

This is categorised during the check of the parts (part OK, lack of part or undefined part). We are able to access evaluations regarding the checked quantity of an article at any time. The different categories can also be accessed at any given time.

Optical checks

Complete check in one working stage.

The latest technology for dimension and surface checks of moulded parts allows for parts with diameters of up to 38 mm to be checked from all sides in one working step. The check is performed in one test process, without the parts having to be turned or rotated.