High precision assembly

We deliver precise results that can be reproduced in series
Assembly of components

Laser welding

Advantages of laser welding

High precision

Laser welding enables us to deliver high-precision results that can be reproduced in series.

Non-contact process

The relevance of laser welding in sheet metal processing is growing. This non-contact process is also being used more and more frequently in mechanical and plant engineering, as deep and at the same time narrow geometries are feasible.
Saxonia-Franke AG

We offer versatile perspectives

Production of sheet metal and metal parts

Even in areas that are difficult to access, precise work is possible with the appropriate welding optics. The innovations in the field of laser welding open up versatile perspectives in the production of sheet metal and metal parts. With CNC technology, perfect joints are produced during assembly without problems arising on the components due to oxidation or distortion.

High stability

The material-conserving technology thus ensures high stability. Typical orders for laser welding are small, medium and large series and other manufacturing or joining processes that require a flexible and economical solution.

Fine blanking, stamping and assembly of components