Forming process

Bending and embossing as downstream processes
Further processing

Bending and embossing

Metal and sheet metal working processes

Bending and coining are part of the forming processes at Saxonia-Franke AG. These processes of metal and sheet metal working are carried out on presses with different pressing forces and tools specially manufactured for each application.

For example, two different parts can also be joined by caulking. The advantages are particularly evident.

Saxonia-Franke AG

Perfect results

Presses with variable pressure output

With the aid of presses with variable pressure output, we stamp, emboss, bend and form parts in various material thicknesses. Forming operations are performed with individually inserted blanks or handling equipment. To be able to guarantee perfect results, we carefully monitor the quality and our machines.

We supply small and large series

For this purpose, we have precisely matched our bending and embossing tools to the machine systems in order to be able to react flexibly even to short-term customer requests. The bending and embossing thus ensures a fast and target-oriented completion of small and large series.

Fine blanking, stamping and assembly of components