Toolmaking & Maintenance

Saxonia-Franke AG meets the high demands of its customers.
Production and development


Saxonia-Franke AG

Quality & costsx

Saxonia-Franke AG's toolmaking department is designed to be involved in development at an early stage. This allows us to take into account the production-relevant data, which has a positive effect on quality as well as costs.

Special requirements

High precision manufacturing

We meet the special requirements of our customers and pay attention to high-precision manufacturing, because we know how important this is for the part quality and thus for the functionality. The success is shown in an optimal output of the tools, which are matched to work steps such as punching, fine blanking, etc..
Saxonia-Franke AG stands for quality

Manufacturing capabilities & tool maintenance

Made in house

From soft machining to the EDM process, we manufacture the tools completely in-house.

Efficient manufacturing

State-of-the-art CAD/CAM systems and CNS machines ensure efficient production.

High precision production

The infrastructure is entirely designed for the production of complex and high-precision tools.

Continuing education

Regular training and further education of our specialists guarantee that we are always at the cutting edge of technology.

Prototype creation

If required, our tool shop can also produce prototypes or individual test or pre-series tools at short notice.

Maintenance work

Thanks to many years of experience, our tool maintenance team can make differentiated decisions as to which maintenance work is necessary on the tool.


If necessary, built-in parts are renewed in close cooperation with our tool shop.


After professional maintenance, each tool is stored ready for production.

Highly professional toolmaking


We store tools ready for production

Ensure careful handling and care:

Fine blanking, stamping and assembly of components