On schedule shipment

Our well-rehearsed logistics team takes care of shipping and logistics.
Quality and shipping

Shipping and logistics

Punctual and correct

Saxonia-Franke AG attaches great importance to punctual and correct order execution. This also includes the on-time shipment of customer orders. Our well-rehearsed logistics team ensures daily that our products are loaded expeditiously and reliably.
The targeted control of the warehouse is of crucial importance. Our logistics staff not only have many years of export experience, but also the necessary forwarding knowledge. In addition, we take care of the necessary shipping documents and make the products available for collection on time at the desired date.
Further processing ensures that the machined components meet the customer's specifications exactly.

Secure shipping,
Speditive provision

The products of Saxonia-Franke AG are loaded expeditiously and reliably.
Fine blanking, stamping and assembly of components