Deburring by vibratory grinding

Practical solutions for removing punching burrs
Further processing

Vibratory finishing


With vibratory grinding, we ensure that the resulting punch burrs are worked off. The workpieces are filled into a container with small abrasive particles as well as an additive in a solution. This container rotates or oscillates and provides friction and the removal of burrs through the stamping process.

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Economical machining process

Vibratory finishing technology enables an economical machining process for deburring and surface finishing of parts. In centrifugal systems and circular vibrators, a fast and economical machining of the parts is ensured by means of a fixed grinding wheel - part mixture.

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The workpieces to be processed are placed in a container together with grinding wheels. A rotating movement of the working container creates a relative movement between the workpiece and the grinding wheel, which causes material removal on the workpiece, especially on its edges.
Fine blanking, stamping and assembly of components