From small assemblies to complex device units

We offer assembly from individual parts to complete assemblies.

Assembly of components

Saxonia-Franke AG

Manual assembly or automatic

In component assembly, we manufacture everything from small assemblies to complex device units in various unit sizes. From manual assembly to process-monitored, automatic assembly for the automotive and construction industries, everything is possible. In this way, parts from our own production and/or parts provided by customers can be combined.

What we offer

Tumbling, Riveting & Laser Welding

We develop precise and innovative products and monitor the processes automatically.

Tumbling and rivets

The important joining processes include wobbling and riveting, in addition to sub-assembly. We offer small and medium series as well as high capacity in terms of part dimensions and production volume.

Laser welding

We use laser welding mainly for welding components that need to be joined at high speed, narrow weld shape and with low thermal distortion.
Fine blanking, stamping and assembly of components