Inspection of the manufactured parts

We value quality - and test with state-of-the-art equipment.
Quality & Shipping

Optical control

High requirements

Testing and monitoring

Saxonia-Franke AG places high demands on the testing and monitoring of manufacturing quality. Among other things, this is achieved by testing the manufactured parts with optical testing equipment.

Process planning

Real-time evaluation

Directly during the inspection of the parts, they are categorized (part okay, defective part, undefinable part). At any time, we can call up evaluations of the quantities of an item that have already been checked. The different categories can be retrieved at any time.
Latest technology

Complete testing in one operation

The use of the latest technology for optical dimensional and surface inspection of molded parts enables us to inspect parts up to a diameter of approx. 100 mm from all sides in a single operation. The inspection takes place simultaneously in one inspection process without having to turn or rotate parts as was previously the case.

Fine blanking, stamping and assembly of components