Production on the most modern equipment

We manufacture high-precision customer parts on fineblanking machines and double-column presses.
Production and development

Fineblanking & Punching

Experienced employees

Punching is carried out on our modern presses, which operate with press forces between 1,000 KN and 8,000 KN. These machines allow processing of
with a thickness between 1 and 16 mm. To manufacture these high-precision components exactly according to the specified data, we rely on experienced employees and proven concepts.
Punching complex parts

Our innovative machinery

With the selection of suitable materials and our innovative machinery, we do our utmost to meet your expectations in fine blanking and standard blanking.

Even complex parts can be stamped. It is possible to optimize the fine blanking, stamping and forming of multifunctional parts economically as well. In this way, process steps can be saved and precision improved.

Detect weak points at an early stage

Implementation close to production

The findings from product development and the pilot series are taken into account in the design and manufacture of the mold. This allows weak points to be identified at an early stage and ensures an optimum process flow.

Anomalies in production are analyzed immediately and eliminated quickly to ensure that the zero-defect strategy is successful. This also applies to plastic injection molding.

Fine blanking, stamping and assembly of components