Milling, drilling and countersinking

We work with the latest machines for optimal results.
Further processing

Mechanical processing

Machining of series parts


Further machining of stamped parts is carried out on CNC machines. The change plate system integrated in the CNC machines allows fast and cost-effective processing of series parts.

Programming via CAM

Multiple or simultaneous machining can be used to increase the efficiency of the machining process. Programming takes place at the CAM workstation. Thread cutting according to specifications, drilling and milling are perfectly coordinated.
According to customer requirements

We also produce series

We can produce individual components but also small, medium and high series according to customer requirements. Depending on the requirements, the individual work steps can be combined to work even more efficiently.

Economical and economic

Multiple or simultaneous machining increases cost-effectiveness, and economic series production is also possible.
Series processing

Drilling and countersinking

The machining processes drilling, countersinking and threading are carried out in our extensive machinery. Depending on the different requests, the various operations can be combined. We mainly process series of different unit sizes, i.e.
Fine blanking, stamping and assembly of components