High dimensional accuracy

We offer high dimensional accuracy thanks to the wobble
Assembly of components


Tumbling technology

Achieve form fit

Saxonia-Franke AG uses the technology of wobbling for workpieces where a form fit is to be achieved. Wobble pressing is a process that belongs to solid forming: Here, components are formed by a single process or by several processes. As a rule, the blank is upset during cold forming or formed by impact extrusion.
Complex transformations

Advantages of tumbling

Low load on the workpieces

Wobbling or radial riveting allows large and complex forming. Even ribs or teeth are given their final shape by this process. Thus, wobble forming offers significantly more possibilities than simple upsetting, spinning or deep drawing.

Best surface finish

Whereas in impact extrusion, for example, the forming force acts simultaneously on the entire workpiece surface, in wobble extrusion force is only applied to a partial surface. The die load is lower. Other advantages: Reduced vibrations and the lower noise level.
Fine blanking, stamping and assembly of components